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Ben Markus

‘Vexatious’ no more, Colorado public records bill loses controversial section

Lawmakers stripped a provision from a public records bill that would have allowed Colorado governments to label certain citizens as “vexatious,” and delay production of records if they demon...

Recalls increase for tainted marijuana, as the industry calls for a study

There’s so much mold and fungus in the world that scientists believe people probably breathe a little in everyday. But Colorado still doesn’t want it in cannabis. Last year, there was a shar...

Gambling is on the rise in Colorado. So are efforts to prevent addiction

When Coloradans voted to establish casinos in three historic struggling mining towns back in 1990, it was called “Limited Gaming.” These days it’s not so limited. The industry has rapidly ex...

Cannabis taxes have not solved Colorado’s budget woes

Cannabis taxes did not solve Colorado’s budget woes. That was never promised, or even implied by supporters of legalization. But some money is better than no money. From the earliest days of...

Colorado car sales are rising, despite strikes and interest rates

New car sales are up 5.5% this year, and some dealers are feeling optimistic, as union deals are ratified and supply shortages ease. The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association reported that...

Lawsuit against Colorado over signature verification process allowed to proceed

Complaint argues mail-in ballot system disenfranchises voters

The cannabis industry is facing its longest downturn yet, with no end in sight

After years of growth, the industry has logged 17 straight months of decline

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried gave thousands to Colorado Democratic campaigns in the 2022 elections

Grand jury, regulators claim Bankman-Fried tried to influence elections with donations, including in Colorado

Colorado firearm sales at record levels in pandemic

Gun sales rise more than 80% in April

Coors to close Denver office

Company plans to make big investment at brewing plant in Golden

3.2 Beer is gone, but Colorado didn’t notice – sales jumped in January

Colorado beer sales set a new monthly record in January. When grocery and convenience stores started stocking full-strength and craft beers, it wasn’t clear how Colorado’s beer ma...

Colorado cannabis wants to go public, but not everyone is on board

Lack of investor capital could be state industry’s undoing