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Chris Outcalt

Colorado’s soil moisture is better than in recent years. But that’s not saying much

Relationship between dry soil conditions in the fall and spring runoff has gained more attention

Early-season snow off to good start in Colorado’s high country

So far, the biggest in-state beneficiary has been Southwest Colorado with 217% of the median snowpack

Farming, water and Wall Street on Colorado’s Western Slope

Agriculture producers in Grand Valley face difficult questions over the future of water in the West

Where does the water in Glenwood Canyon’s iconic Hanging Lake come from?

The U.S. Forest Service and a Missouri water-tracing company are trying to find the water source of the popular hiking destination

Congress may continue to pay farmers to use less water as Colorado River pleas intensify

The bill is tied to an Upper Basin water plan in response to talk about significant Colorado River cuts.

Upper Basin states lay out plan to help the Colorado River, but say Lower Basin needs to chip in more

Letter: ‘Efforts to protect critical reservoir elevations must include significant actions focused downstream of Lake Powell’

Coloradans worried about water, wildfires and cost of living, new poll shows

Telephone and online interview polled 3,440 residents of eight Mountain West states

Megadrought in Colorado, rest of the Southwest, is worst in 1,200 years

Using tree ring data, researchers say climate change made conditions worse in last 22 years

Colorado River Basin’s water forecast looked good in January; now everything has changed

Data collected from sensors recorded near- or record-low snowfall during last three weeks of January