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Dan Boyce

‘Doomsday’ plane to be built in Colorado

Aircraft meant to keep U.S. military airborne during nuclear war

Bipartisan conservation poll shows increasing concern over environmental issues in Western States

An annual bipartisan survey on conservation in Western states found an increase in voter concerns over climate issues from land and water use to wildlife populations and wildfires. The 14th ...

Colorado has a housing crisis. Could 3D-printed homes be a solution?

A set of nozzles squirt wet cement, swinging back and forth in a long line, squeezing out layer after layer. The result, at first, might look like some sort of cake – like icing at a bakery....

A Colorado family heard about the ‘toothache plant,’ so they made a liquor out of it

Spilanthes flower is prized for a tingling or numbing sensation it produces in the mouth

Economists: Southern Colorado looks headed for a recession

Humanity faces three massive and historic transitions at the same time

Ukrainian cobbler works, watches war from afar in Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) – At the front end of a modest shoe repair shop in Colorado Springs, a smartphone played YouTube field reports from Ukrainian military officials, as it does throughout ...

Southern Colorado is being slammed by dust and wind. They’ll lessen Tuesday, but be back later this week

The tan haze is largely composed of debris from blowing in from northwest New Mexico

Meticulous restoration underway at Air Force Academy chapel

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) – The Air Force Academy chapel is one of the most distinctive pieces of architecture in Colorado. But few people have caught a glimpse of it for more than a year. That...

As talk of a BLM move to West takes off, Grand Junction wants to be on everyone’s mind

Now that several members of Colorado’s congressional delegation have confirmed that the federal Bureau of Land Management will move west from Washington D.C., there’s one big question left f...