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Jim Cross

Read this before taking up hockey

How exciting it was to watch our Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup. They are a team of such beautiful skaters and stick handlers, and the pace they set is hard to match. I have long adm...

Transgender athletes: Solution balances fairness, inclusion

Perhaps the most controversial issue in sport today is that of the inclusion or exclusion of transgender athletes. Transgender athletes are not new. One of the earliest high-profile transgen...

Career polygamy: The new way to work

My daughter recently encountered a disturbing issue at her place of employment that I did not know was out there. She is the vice president of people operations at a tech startup. One of he...

Our View: Make mascots fun

Changing names is complicated; there can be joy in the whimsical

Our View: Affirmative action

Its contribution to society may be slow, but it’s lasting

Our View: Havana syndrome

We need to take the victims seriously whatever the cause

Our View: Sidney Poitier

His acting was groundbreaking and his character was inspirational

Our View: Happy Hogmanay

In Scotland, the New Year rings in with a rousing party and celebration of friendship

Our View: Pickleball

Players deserve their own courts, but may have to be patient

Our View: Mountain lions

These cats are amazing athletes

Our View: Wakeless Lake Nighthorse

The time for lake-sharing inequity to change long overdue

Our View: Football

The game is basically civilized war, but there is beauty in players’ athleticism