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Position: Staff reporter

Carbon dioxide levels in air spike past milestone

The amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has shot past a key milestone – more than 50% higher than preindustrial times – and is at levels not seen since millions of years...

Fire and rain: West to get more one-two extreme climate hits

The one-two punch of nasty wildfires followed by heavy downpours, triggering flooding and mudslides, will strike the U.S. West far more often in a warming-hopped world, becoming a frequent o...

Scientists decry death by 1,000 cuts for world’s insects

The world’s vital insect kingdom is undergoing “death by a thousand cuts,” the world’s top bug experts said. Climate change, insecticides, herbicides, light pollution, invasive sp...

Warming already baked in to exceed climate goals, study says

The amount of baked-in global warming, from carbon pollution already in the air, is enough to blow past international agreed upon goals to limit climate change, a new study finds. ...

Study: Fix to food climate problem doesn’t require veganism

The world likely can’t keep global warming to a relatively safe minimum unless we change how we grow, eat and throw away our food, but we don’t need to all go vegan, a new study says. ...

Earth breaks heat record for September

There’s a chance 2020 could rank as hottest on record

Think 2020’s disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future

Scientists say climate-connected disasters expected to worsen in coming decades

Swamp Monsters? Red Tails? Gridlock? What might NFL call Washington?

A long road to picking a new mascot

Not so random acts: Science finds that being kind pays off

Acts of kindness may not be that random after all. Science says being kind pays off. Research shows that acts of kindness make us feel better and healthier. Kindness is also key t...

Warming makes U.S. West megadrought worst in modern age, study says

Human-made global warming a cause, scientist says

Weather Service winter forecast: A bit warmer, but chaotic

WASHINGTON – Expect big swings in weather this winter, government forecasters say. The National Weather Service says the large global forces that help drive broad patterns of wint...

Science Says: Hotter weather turbocharges U.S. West wildfires

As temperatures rise in the U.S. West, so do the flames. The years with the most acres burned by wildfires have some of the hottest temperatures, an Associated Press analysis of f...