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‘A wound is allowed to fester’

The leadership fiasco in the House of Representatives is the logical outcome of what happens when a wound is allowed to fester and the infection is not excised.

Two years ago, most watched with dismay while witnessing extreme elements in our society intentionally work to overthrow the results of the presidential election. Sadly, many of those involved were dutifully elected Congressional members, swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution. Worse yet, many of them were reelected in 2022.

So as we watched the House with a 15th vote to determine a speaker, it became clear that failing to excise the cancer from its party, represented by those who would deny the outcomes of elections, the Republican party has allowed itself to become hostage to the extremist elements. Never mind that the slim margins they hold barely give them a mandate.

When not in power, Republicans complain about how dysfunctional government is. But when in power, they set about proving it. The rules package they propose will only further cement the fact.

The Department of Justice needs to waste no time in making certain those now seated in Congress who had a hand in the Jan. 6 insurrection pay the price, be indicted and forced from their offices as members of Congress. Excise them from the body politic now!

Otherwise, it looks to be a long two years with 20 misfits terrorizing the House and trying to impose their fascist views on everyone.

David Black