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McLachlan protects citizens and gun rights

Being an effective elected official requires strong leadership. I am proud of our state representative for standing up against violence in Colorado by supporting background checks for all gun purchases. I am proud of Mike McLachlan for taking leadership on a common-sense measure to protect the rights of gun owners while simultaneously restricting access to weapons for felons, perpetrators of sexual assault, and the mentally unstable. With the recent ruling from a federal judge upholding these laws, it is obvious that his vote was the right decision for our district.

Our state has felt the horror of gun violence too often for us to stand idly by, with our children unsafe, even in their schools. In Colorado, many are proud of the long tradition of gun ownership, but it also demands a crucial sense of responsibility.

We understand that guns must be used safely for them to serve their purpose. Background checks are critically important to ensuring that guns are no longer readily available to those with a history of violent crime. They ensure guns are kept out of the hands of criminals, while still protecting the rights of Colorado's gun owners.

Representative McLachlan understands this dichotomy. As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Mike understands the importance of protecting our Second Amendment rights. However, he is equally aware that steps must be taken to ensure guns are not readily available to those with violent intentions.

Mike will continue to work hard to protect the rights of gun owners; anyone having any issues with buying or transferring a gun after being cleared by a background check should contact Mike for assistance. Nevertheless, the gun bill was an important step to ensure that we remain safe and secure in our everyday lives.

Please join me in supporting bipartisan leadership. Vote for Mike McLachlan for state representative to ensure Southwest Colorado has a strong voice in Denver to make sure our interests are heard.

Cherry Miloe

Forest Lakes