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New executive officer appointed to Southern Ute Permanent Fund

Southern Ute Tribal Chairman Melvin J. Baker has appointed James M. “Mike” Olguin as the executive officer for the Southern Ute Permanent Fund.

The position provides administrative support and guidance to tribal departments in accordance with tribal policies and procedures and legal requirements as delegated by the tribal chairman. The office must also work to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the department plans and programs to ensure they are achieving the purpose for which they were intended.

Olguin served on Tribal Council for nine years, including three years as vice chairman and two years as treasurer, and has served twice as executive officer under Chairman Leonard C. Burch and Chairman Clement J. Frost.

Olguin has also worked as the vice president of regulatory management for Sky Ute Sand and Gravel, director of natural resources and supervisor of the wildlife conservation office.

He has experience serving on these tribal committees: Growth Fund Management Committee, Red Cedar Gathering Co. Management Committee, Permanent Fund Budget Committee, Southern Ute Indian Tribe Audit Committee, Growth Fund Tribal Member Employment Advisory Committee and Permanent Fund Credit Committee, among others.

Baker will appoint a second executive officer in the coming weeks.