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‘Not one of her hearts and minds’

I recently read an article concerning the reelected U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, which stated her zany attitude, beliefs and representation for the 3rd Congressional District. I quote, “This is because Boebert’s visibility is a projection of the hearts and minds of her constituents.”

I am here to say that as one of her Republican constituents, I am not one of her hearts and minds to be confused with the rendition of the U.S. Constitution.

She should also be aware that she won an election with fewer votes than those who shop at the local Walmart. Despite those who supported her, she is an embarrassment to all who live in Colorado.

You that believe her vulgar, racist, hateful middle-school girl attitude and conspiracy theories are representation. Maybe you should reread the Constitution and what it really stands for. That also goes for Congresswoman Boebert. Maybe then you will understand “liberty and justice for all” and the concept of representation for all.

James G. Sanchez