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‘Please, America. Stop being blindly tribal in politics’

Political parties seem to be increasingly hijacking whatever garners votes and keeps them in power. So-called “patriotism” and the U.S. flag have nearly become more symbolic of right-wing extremism, with all its attendant baggage, than virtuous American values.

Extremist Republicans are now attempting an overthrow of complete Christianity with their “Christian Nationalism,” as adopted from extremist dictators abroad.

Abortion bans are successfully solidifying the political support of fundamentalist Christians, who must surely be holding their noses and looking the other way on everything else the MAGA Republicans are doing. Christians who truly believe and practice Christian principles might want to think about the parallels with the jihadists’ damage to the image of the Islamic faith.

MAGA Republicans are consciously targeting and adopting virtues long thought to symbolize our country’ds best nature. But, since when has the moral high ground been claimed through serial lying, childish mocking behavior, bullying, incivility, name-calling and threats of violence? Do we really want this to become the new American normal?

Please, America. Let’s stop being so blindly tribal in our politics and actually pay attention to what is being said prior to November. Pay attention to the sources of our information. Look beyond a single-issue, no matter how important to you. Beyond your feelings.

Beyond the campaign slogans.

Let’s do our best to be a literate, thoughtful electorate.

Rich Farrington