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Arts and Entertainment

Studio & to host Soggy Studio Sale

Studio &’s Tim Kapustka will hold a Soggy Studio Sale from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 17 at Studio &, 1027 Main Ave.

Initially set as a studio sale of work from his Cabbage Creative studio, a pipe burst and flooded much of his space, hence, “Soggy Studio Sale.”

“Quite amazingly, a lot of this stuff was piled up in the middle of the torrential trickle that was my studio and was somehow undamaged,” he said in a news release, adding there will be “long forgotten work, test prints, slightly damaged prints, stuff that never saw the light of day, things that have lived in the bottom of my flat file for a decade, smaller versions of old hits, misprint shirts, and all kinds of things that I don't have fancy words for.”

For more information, visit cabbagecreative.bigcartel.com.