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We are connected to nature’s cycles


Fall is here. The equinox last week, which in Latin means “equal night” marks the official switch of seasons. It is when the length of sunlight and darkness are basically equal and we need to start preparing ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically for the gradual transition into shorter days and longer nights.

For some, this switch can be felt deeply. It represents the harvesting of crops and the preparation for winter. Internally, as the sun starts to provide us with less light during the day and the nights slowly get longer, it can affect our biological rhythms like mood, appetite and sleep. Whatever it is you are experiencing during this transition, I would advise you to take care of yourself as we are connected to the seasons’ cycles whether we are aware of it or not.

We may feel like our bodies need more nourishing foods. Things like root vegetables, soups and stews – comfort foods can be things we start craving. On a physical level, our bodies know that we need to prepare for this shift in season. This could also lead to feeling like we have less energy and possibly even the desire to isolate a bit more. This is a time where we may start feeling more internal.

For those of you who want to honor this time of balance, this time of the equinox, maybe take some time to reflect. Where in your life are you out of balance? Are you giving too much and need to receive more? If there are things in your life that drain you, can you bring more into your life that fills you? Do you feel like you are experiencing tons of change or are you feeling stagnant? Are you feeling connected to others or are you isolating yourself? Sit with where there may be imbalance and feel into what you may be able to do in order to find your homeostasis.

This time can be a powerful opportunity to reset emotionally, mentally and physically. It can bring about reflections of the past year and what we are called to let go. It is also a good time to sit and think about whether there are any changes you would like to make in your life and your daily routines moving forward.

Here are some ways to take care of yourself:

  • Make sure to get outside. We need sunlight and our bodies know on all levels when there is less of it in a day. This is part of the reason we may feel less energetic and it can even affect our sleep.
  • Make a point to connect with others and not completely isolate. Remember, connection releases the happiness hormone!
  • Exercise. Move your body and continue to allow it to produce those wonderful endorphins to make you feel good.
  • Try to stick to your routine best you can.
  • Continue to eat as many whole foods as possible. You may just find that warming them or turning them into soups and stews is what your body prefers.
  • Self-care in whatever form that calls to you: journal, take a hot bath, body work, dance, nature, reach out to a friend or loved one.

We are much more connected to nature’s cycles than we realize. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy the beautiful fall season!

Jennifer Roe is a master level Red Hat Qigong practitioner, an integrative nutritional health and wellness coach, a facilitator of women’s circles, programs and more. Her office is at Pura Vida in Durango. For more information, visit www. puravidahealthcare.com and/or www.thehealingroe.com.