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What would trigger a recount in the close race between Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch?

3rd Congressional District contest was separated by 557 votes Thursday afternoon
Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch

When are the results of a Colorado election automatically recounted?

Given the very close race between Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and Democrat Adam Frisch, a former Aspen city councilman, in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, a lot of people are asking that question.

We have answers.

Under Colorado law, a mandatory recount occurs when the number of votes separating the leading two candidates is less than 0.5% of the number of votes cast for the leading candidate.

So, for instance: If Ronald McDonald had 1,000 votes and the Burger King had 999 votes, the one-vote difference represents 0.1% of McDonald’s votes. Thus, a recount is triggered.

As of 3:45 p.m. Thursday, the vote total was 163,702 for Boebert and 163,145 for Frisch, or 50.09% for Boebert and 49.91% for Frisch, a difference of 557 votes which falls within that 0.5% margin to trigger a recount.

With the results in the Boebert-Frisch race still changing, we can’t say for sure whether there will be a recount in the contest once all ballots are counted. (You can do the math yourself now at any given moment: votes separating the candidates ÷ the total for the leader = percentage difference.)

And here’s something you should keep in mind: Past recounts in Colorado haven’t dramatically shifted vote tallies.

If a mandatory recount isn’t triggered, Colorado candidates also have the option to pay for a recount. That’s what happened in the Republican primary for secretary of state this year. However the recount must be conducted in the same manner in which the original vote tabulation was completed.

(The recount in the Republican secretary of state primary did not change the outcome of the race. Not even close.)

Candidates must request a recount within 28 days of the election, or Dec. 6. A candidate-requested recount must be completed by Dec. 15.

If there is a mandatory recount, it must be completed by Dec. 13.

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