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‘When you vote, keep eye on prize’

Fallacy No. 1: Lifetime terms lead to fair, honest judges. As we see with some U.S. Supreme Court justices, lifetime terms actually lead to much greater corruption, more decisions unfair and against the interests of the people, and more threats to democracy.

Much greater corruption because even if revealed, it is almost impossible to fire them. Term-limit all judges, politicians to 10 years maximum.

Fallacy No. 2: Rich politicians cannot be corrupted because they already have lots of money. If the politician got rich through gouging, theft or some other illegal activity, then more power leads to more corruption.

Fallacy No. 3: When politicians, pundits, influencers, reporters, columnists or others state something as fact without solid evidence from credible sources, they should automatically be believed anyway.

Simple fact is that too many have secret agendas, sources of income, sources of pressure and prejudices, or simply are not in position to know the facts. Classic example: syndicated columnist ranting about the “Russia hoax” relevant to alleged Russian collusion without credible substantiation.

In fact, dozens of pieces of circumstantial evidence are preponderance of evidentiary proof of Russian collusion then and even now. Misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories are so successful and dangerous to our democracy because far too many are gullible and fall for this fallacy.

When you vote, keep your eye on the prize. Always clearly understand candidates, issues and verifiable facts. Vote for what is in the best interest of the earth, democracy, country, community and family.

John Williams