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John Ingold
Position: The Colorado Sun

Colorado lawmakers are targeting hospital facility fees

House Bill 1215 would ban hospitals from charging facility fees for most outpatient visits

Centura Health, parent company of Mercy Hospital, announces its breakup

CommonSpirit Health and AdventHealth say they will manage their hospitals separately

A study answers the question: Has legal pot in Colorado made other drug problems worse?

A study from the University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota uses long-term data on twins to assess the impacts

Colorado releases list of prescription drugs to import from Canada

In an application sent to the federal government, the state is asking to bring in 112 drugs at an average savings of 65%

Colorado officials accused of trying to tip scales in favor of a Jared Polis health insurance policy

Health insurance brokers say the state is interfering in the free market to favor the Colorado Option, potentially at consumers’ expense

Colorado is about to (possibly, maybe, conditionally) adopt permanent daylight saving time

Congress also must pass a law, and at least four other Mountain time zone states need to join

Pressure grows on Gov. Jared Polis to issue a statewide mask order

Public health leaders across state have sent letters asking for a mandate

Colorado’s governor said hospital capacity would dictate a new mask mandate. So why hasn’t he issued one?

Polis vowed to take action before hospitals became overwhelmed. They are nearly overwhelmed.

A new way to measure political divide in Colorado: Coronavirus vaccination rates

Across the state, blue counties are getting vaccinated at higher rates than red ones

Rural Colorado health in crisis with doctors becoming scarce

Some counties have no doctor at all

Colorado’s Front Range is perfect petri dish for hail

Topography creates updrafts, keeping stones aloft longer

Lessons on how to prevent mass shootings elusive

Aurora theater shooter exhibited a number of behaviors indicating mental problems