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Ivan Moreno

GOP targets gun-control bills

Democrats must revisit politically costly issues

Hickenlooper seeks help for long-term jobless

DENVER – Gov. John Hickenlooper’s administration wants to help people who have been unemployed at least 26 weeks find jobs with a $3 million initiative aimed at connecting them with interest...

Tax refunds top list for state lawmakers

DENVER – Colorado lawmakers are preparing to debate tax refunds during what’s expected to be a packed legislative session where resolving complicated issues will be more challenging, with ea...

Tax-refund debate flares up

Talk in Denver turns to TABOR limits

Oh, powdered alcohol?

Not so fast, lawmakers say

Guv aims to help long-term unemployed

COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado’s unemployment rate is below the national average, but tens of thousands of residents have been unable to find a job for more than six months – an issue Gov. John...

Tired of changing clocks twice each year?

Couple’s idea would put an end to that in Colo.

Birth-control funding a point of contention for lawmakers

What is in the best interest for women?

Colorado plans right-to-die legislation

Religious organizatinos say laws facilitate suicide

Split-party legislative rule returns after 10-year hiatus

Cooperation and compromise needed

Hickenlooper presents budget to lawmakers

DENVER – For the first time in many years, Colorado government finds itself in a position of having to return tax revenue to voters. A final decision won’t be made for months, but...

House Republicans elect leader

Senate in play pending Adams County race outcome