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‘Tired of broken promises’: Ute leaders call on state to follow through on tribal commitments

Chairmen want sports betting and more support for health care, education and water rights

Grand Junction to consider sanctioned camping to help unhoused residents

City councilors hope to avoid the same pitfalls that Delta and Durango encountered

Lottery proceeds to fund $68.9 million for outdoor park, trail projects across Colorado

Helping local governments snatch up a 100-year legacy takes big dollars

Recent storms have pushed Colorado’s snowpack above ‘normal’

A wave of late-winter storms has pushed snow accumulation in all of Colorado’s major water-storage basins above normal levels for the first time this year, data show. Statewide, snowpack – w...

How to get solar power for your Colorado home – even if your own roof won’t work

If your own roof won’t work or you live in an apartment, you can try a community option instead, experts say

Outdoor gear sales dropped in 2023, leaving mountain retailers struggling with high rents, high taxes and too-few workers

Overall sales of gear and apparel dropped 3% last year. Independent stores were hit much harder as core outdoor consumers slowed their spending

A lot of people are running for Congress right now – not all of them will make it to Colorado’s primary ballot

There are a slew of congressional candidates gunning to appear on Colorado’s ballots for the June 25 primary, the contest that will determine who makes it to the general election in November...

Rep. Ken Buck will miss the people, but not the dysfunction

That Rep. Ken Buck’s last day in Congress was spent dealing with a government spending bill is more than a little apropos. The Windsor Republican came into office as part of the 2014 Tea Par...

Colorado Democratic Party begins steps to remove vice-chair who harassed lawmaker

A court recently granted a protective order to Rep. Leslie Herod over Sheena Kadi’s behavior

Bill banning purchase, sale and transfer of so-called assault weapons in Colorado clears first hurdle

A similar measure was rejected in its first committee hearing last year

New law means HOAs can’t stop you from hardening your home against wildfires

Gov. Polis says legislation should help residents safeguard their homes and save money on insurance

Coloradans making travel plans to see total eclipse in April 2024

‘It is the closest thing to space travel that you can experience without leaving the surface of the earth’
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