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Red Snapper supports local nonprofits

The iconic Red Snapper deserves thanks and recognition for its consistent support of local nonprofits.

Through a creative strategy of partnering with nonprofit organizations, John Sheehan, Red Snapper’s owner since 2005, makes the Red Snapper’s bar available for the hosting of selected fundraisers.

These events are fun and profitable – and simple – since funds can be raised without the labor and the overhead involved in a typical fundraiser with the obligatory, redundant silent auction.

With the Red Snapper splitting bar sale profits, and the generous tips given to the volunteer bartenders going directly to the nonprofit, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Most recently, the Red Snapper (i.e. John) sponsored “Know Your Dough,” a nonprofit founded by Paul Gervais and Allison Andersen in 2013 to provide financial literacy programs for youth and young adults. “Know Your Dough” has a strong board of directors and a solid program. Its financial literacy programs have been offered at all of our local schools – elementary, middle and high – educating students on prudent financial planning, saving, budgeting, investing, managing and protecting money.

“Know Your Dough” not only develops the source materials for these programs, it also coordinates local volunteers who deliver the programming via courses, lectures and hands-on learning experiences.

Since its inception, “Know Your Dough” has worked with over 2000 local students.

“Know Your Dough” received $2,300 through last week’s happy hour event. I had the pleasure of serving as a guest bartender with Jay Ciotti, making “Piggy Bank” drinks. The cow bell rang with each large tip. It was a fun night for all in attendance and a nice opportunity to support a great organization.

Thanks to John Sheehan and the Red Snapper team for supporting Durango nonprofits – most recently “Know Your Dough.”

It is inspiring to see public-private partnerships in our community implementing new and innovative strategies for fundraising.

Melissa Youssef


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