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9-R board not working for all residents of district

At the Nov. 30 Durango School District 9-R board meeting, an agenda item called “Public Suggested Vaccine Mandate” was discussed at 9:22 p.m. by directors Kristin Smith, Erika Brown, Andrea Parmenter, Rick Petersen and Katie Stewart. The directors cited the foundation for this agenda item being an email they received from one community member. Some discussion followed.

If all it takes is a single email message from a single community member to have an item fast-tracked on to our school board agenda for board director discussion, what message does it send to 9-R parents, students and voters when several, or in some cases many community members take time to email, call and show up in person to express their views on issues which are important to them?

When amplification is given to one person and one issue, what message is sent to the rest of the community about fairness, equity and inclusion when many feel and have basis to complain they are flat out ignored?

Supporters of Ascent Classical Academy of Durango have been vocal in contacting Superintendent Karen Cheser and the board for several months to urge cooperation with early application for their high quality, classical, tuition-free charter school. Ascent has never once been featured on an agenda item for 9-R board discussion in front of the public.

Please contact Karen Cheser, kcheser@durangoschools.org, and the 9-R board, schoolboard@durangoschools.org, to let them know how you feel and implore the 9-R board and administration to release ACAD to the state for licensing.

Kristen Mischker