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9-R school board violates bond vote with Miller proposal

Congratulations to Durango School District 9-R on passing the very large bond to help redevelop Miller Middle School on its existing site.

It is amazing how well the community jumped on board to support your dream. If memory serves me right, over 70% of Durango residents supported this bond. I would love to continue to praise you, however, Durango has voted for a bait-and-switch.

The school board asked for a bond that would allow for a rebuild on the existing site. Based on the recent survey, they are looking for a new place to develop the school. The board has said that they have run into difficulties in regard to the new build. They have not explained what the difficulties are and have not been forthcoming in their recent meetings with the community. They have presented shallow reasons regarding why they should not put up temporary classrooms, but they have not done any homework before presenting options.

The board cannot give any answers in regard to proposed traffic flows, expenses for new busing patterns and how a change of plans will impact property values. Durango residents voted for something the district is not wanting to give. The board wants you to follow their lead.

I ask that you challenge the board, as they are not following what you voted for. Let the board know that you did not vote for their current proposal.

Darren McKinnis