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9-R should review Ascent’s application

As a 9-R parent, I am very excited about Ascent Classical Academy coming to the Durango area. I would like to express a sense of urgency in getting Ascent open as soon as possible. When Ascent opens in 2023, my boys will be entering their middle school years. The sixth grade is a big stepping stone in the classical education program, when my children would start learning Latin and already be playing catch up in other areas, such as cursive and grammar.

I, and many others, are greatly concerned that if the Durango School District 9-R board will not be reviewing Ascent’s application until August, that one year of preparation is not enough time to open as scheduled. The Ascent team has successfully opened three other classical charter schools in Colorado, in three different school districts, and understands from extensive experience how long it takes to go through the approval and contract process, secure grants, find a school leader and staff, and most importantly, acquire facilities, the most difficult and lengthy process of all. One year is simply not enough time.

I understand the 9-R administration is experiencing significant changes during these challenging times. In spite of that, I believe this board to be supportive of expansive opportunities and diversity here in Durango!

9-R relinquishing Ascent’s application to the Charter School Institute would alleviate the financial and timely burden from the district and allow immediate review of the application, making hundreds of families in Durango extremely happy and creating goodwill among its constituents.

Heather Espeland