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Alleged trespasser held at gunpoint at McPhee campground

An alleged trespasser was held at gunpoint at McPhee campground Sept. 28, according to the Montezuma County Sheriff's Office. (Courtesy photo)
Camper draws firearm after man entered truck at 4 a.m.

A Montezuma County sheriff’s deputy responded to an incident early morning Sept. 28 at McPhee Campground in which a firefighter reported holding a man at gunpoint after he entered the cab of the firefighter’s truck.

According to an incident report by Deputy Peter Schmalz, the suspect had knocked on the back door of the firefighter’s camper at 4 a.m. and the firefighter told him to leave the campsite.

Moments later, the suspect was heard in the back seat of the truck, and the firefighter pointed his gun at him and directed him to a picnic table.

Upon the deputy’s arrival, the firefighter had removed the firearm’s magazine, placing it on the ground, and stepping away.

The suspect told the deputy he was intoxicated and did not remember anything from the time he and his friend returned to their campsite that night to when he had a gun pointed at him.

He said he had consumed multiple shots of liquor had no recollection of entering the vehicle or why he had been in there.

No citations were issued.

The suspect was given a ride to his campsite by the deputy and counseled with his friends about his behavior.