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An open letter to Rep. Lauren Boebert

Congresswoman, you are an embarrassment. Insulting your colleagues in Congress just further poisons the political atmosphere and makes it harder to do anything positive for the 3rd District of Colorado.

Your ridicule of Muslims is worthy of a poorly raised fifth-grader. I am ashamed that you have gained national notoriety for so many outrageous and bigoted statements. And I simply disagree with your position on Social Security. I watched a speech in which you said, “We don’t want your government programs. We don’t want your Social Security.” Madam, with respect, I want our Social Security.

Yes, I do understand that it is a socialist program, but it has worked to keep capitalism running at its best. Before Social Security, the elderly were a dependent class of people, either living with their children if they were lucky, or in abject poverty if they were not. After Social Security, generations of elderly Americans have not only lived independently, but have become a consuming, contributing class in society.

So I like Social Security, and I am sorry that you are opposed to Social Security.

Lynne M. Getz