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And the West is History

100 years ago: “Thomas L. Hamor of the Durango Fish Hatchery is a busy man now. For the past several weeks he has been very busy distributing trout fry in San Juan Basin. This morning he takes out 140,000 fry for distribution in the Chama and Navajo rivers.”

75 YEARS AGO: “Regardless of what some of you folks say about Durango not being the good old prosperous mining town it used to be, there are many friends who consider your town and the country around it to be a fisherman’s paradise, and that is something to be proud enough about to get your share of the tourist business.”

50 YEARS AGO: “Now showing at The Rocket drive-in theatre: ‘Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte.’ (first feature). Second feature: Where do good girls go when they want to be bad? ‘The Pleasure Seekers.’ Admission 75 cents, children under 12 free.”

25 YEARS AGO: “Letters to the Editor: ‘Would you believe an amusement park in the Animas Valley? Yes – right here in River City – containing three miniature golf courses, two bumper boat pools, two go-cart tracks, a video games pavilion, and a batting cage. We are not opposed to the builder of the parks. Just build them somewhere else where light pollution has already swallowed the stars and noise has already drowned out the sounds of the rushing rivers and winds in the willows’.”

Most items in this column are taken from The Durango Herald archives, Center of Southwest Studies and The Animas Museum. Their accuracy may not be verified.

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