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And the West is History

100 years ago: “A number of men in our town are wearing that uncomfortable look that suggests that domestic upheaval known as housekeeping is still in progress.”

75 years ago: “J.R. Cheney, 844 Fourth Ave., has a climbing rose vine outside his dining room – or most of it, anyway, is outside. One little shoot, he says, forced its way between the upper and lower sashes of a window and now he has two rose blossoms on the inside – from the outside plant.”

50 years ago: “The VCA tailings pile at the south edge of Durango was one of the featured topics on the Walter Cronkite news over CBS. The sequence had been filmed last week with Terry Drinkwater, CBS’ West Coast director. ... Several other tailings piles were mentioned, but the Durango pile is the largest of the bunch, and its location also makes it more of a nuisance and eyesore than the others.”

25 years ago: “For every advantage gained by converting traffic to one way on Main and East Second avenues downtown, there is a disadvantage, the city planning staff says. The Durango Planning Commission will host a public discussion of the proposal to adopt the circular one-way traffic pattern. Under the proposal, two traffic lanes would be southbound on Main from 12th to Fifth Street, eastbound on Fifth, northbound on East Second Avenue from Fifth to 12th and westbound on 12th.”

Most items in this column are taken from Herald archives, Center of Southwest Studies and Animas Museum. Their accuracy may not be verified.

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