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And the West is History

100 years ago: “The stocking of the San Juan Basin streams with trout fry is being well taken care of by the state hatchery here, and also by the National Forest Service and the Durango Exchange.”

75 years ago: “Mesa Verde National Park will open ‘officially’ on May 15. However, Sup. John H. McLaughlin announces that this need not deter ‘early bird’ travelers who may want to visit the nation’s prime archeological park for the park’s roads are open and informal accommodation are available in the area.”

50 years ago: “‘We needed the moisture terribly bad,’ said Fred V. Kroeger of Farmers Supply after Durango received its first moisture in several weeks. ‘We can still use a lot more,’ Kroeger added. Kroeger isn’t concerned about the predicted 12 degree temperature tonight. ... The low temperature in downtown Durango last night was 28 degrees. The thermometer had risen to only 31 degrees by noon today.”

25 years ago: “A rash of vandalism at recreational sites has cost city taxpayers nearly $1,500 in the past two weeks, according to the Durango Department of Parks and Recreation.”

Most items in this column are taken from Herald archives, Center of Southwest Studies and Animas Museum. Their accuracy may not be verified.

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