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And the West is History

“An 1890s parade stops to have its picture taken.”

100 years ago: “The first car load shipment of fruit from the Farmington country this season came up on the Red Apple train. The shipment consisted of apples, peaches, plums, berries, and currants and is destined for the Denver market.”

75 years ago: “That mammoth thing that was exhibited downtown was not a whale – just a whale of a trout. Fred Girard, local fisherman par excellence, snagged the 4½ pound German Brown trout in the Animas River, and fought for 20 minutes before he landed the giant specimen. The trout had an overall length of more than 20 inches, and his girth would match that of a lot of beer guzzlers. His mouth was filled with teeth like a squirrels and Fred claims he had to kill him in self-defence.”

50 years ago: “Skies turned ominously leaden and in some places too much rain fell. The 32-day drought seems definitely over.”

25 years ago: “A federal warrant was issued for the arrest of a 36-year-old rural New Mexico man for the July 3 armed robbery of United Bank of Ignacio. The man already is wanted in San Juan County (N.M.) for a June incident in which he allegedly shot his 15-year-old son twice in the legs.”

Most items in this column are taken from Herald archives, Center of Southwest Studies and Animas Museum. Their accuracy may not be verified.

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