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And the West is History: Businessmen at 900 block of Main – 1918

We know exactly when and where this picture was taken. What we don’t know is who or why. These nine businessmen have gathered outside the White Hope Café for their picture to be taken on Jan. 21, 1918, as that is inscribed on the photo. It clearly wasn’t a big snow year, at least until this point. Only a few men are wearing coats in this midwinter photo. A picture taken here today would show Maria’s Bookshop, Tequila’s and Morgan-Stanley. The painted sign on the building overhead that advertises Sporting Goods, Saddles and Hardware was Durango Hardware & Supply Co. The sign is still visible today, but just barely. Until recently, Outdoorsy occupied that storefront. – Ed Horvat for Animas Museum, edhorvat@animasmuseum.org (Catalog Number: 96.23.1 from the La Plata County Historical Society Photo Collections)