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Animas High School grateful for community support

Since 2009, AHS has delivered rigorous college and career preparation through project-based learning in a small school environment. While we’ve always infused our curriculum with experiential learning, this school year we launched a more fully developed program that will increase equitable access to all students.

The new Experiential Education program’s mission is to enhance Animas students’ high school journey through inclusive experiential education opportunities that foster community engagement, leadership and well-being. We do this through the power of wilderness-based, service, and hands-on learning experiences that take place off campus, or as we Ospreys fondly say, “beyond the nest.”

Program elements include:

  • Ninth grade camping trip: a multiday camping trip for the entire ninth grade in the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park.
  • Osprey Block: three-week long courses designed to engage students through academically rigorous, cross-disciplinary, immersive studies that connect classroom learning to powerful, real-world experiences.
  • Animas Wilderness Experience: an optional one-week excursion to build leadership and an ethos of service.
  • Outdoor Industry Career/Technical Education Pathways: development of elective courses that prepare students for careers.
  • Intro to Avalanche Education: Students study the psychology of decision-making and gain avalanche education and backcountry skiing skills. This is a semester-long elective that culminates in students receiving their AIARE Companion Rescue and Level 1 Avalanche certifications.
  • Sophomore Inspire Week: A weeklong experience where students explore potential career paths and deepen their knowledge of their “Energy Project” curriculum through various energy-related service projects throughout our community.

We could not have pulled off these experiences without the support of our community. From ski tuning clinics at 2nd Avenue Sports, to donated backpacker meals from Farm to Summit and equipment donations from our families, every little bit helped!

However, we want to specifically acknowledge Pineneedle, Backcountry Experience and Osprey for their very generous donations of outdoor equipment. Without this support, we would not be able to provide these meaningful experiences to our student body.

As one of our AWE students said, “it is better to do hard things with purpose than to meander aimlessly.” Thank you for helping us get our students “beyond the nest” and engaged in challenging and purposeful outdoor experiences.

With gratitude,

Ashley Carruth, Dean of Experiential Education