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Arrogance leads to ‘groomed failure’

Lead us not into groomed failure. Corporate power is buying the best government money can buy (Citizens United). State by state, the members of the American Legislative Exchange Council promote legally enslaving American women by denying them access to reproductive health care and to birth babies that are groomed for failure. Corporations see cheap labor and prison inmates as profit.

The arrogance of the Republicans forces religious edicts on women, while grooming the children to fail by dropping the child tax credit, cutting food stamps, school meals and education, etc. This cutting women and children off at the knees means failure in America. Will we let America fail? What happened to our rule of law? How can Republicans force their religion on women and children with such disastrous consequences for our country? We are betrayed by lust, greed and arrogance.

Shame on those who lust to own and control women’s bodies by religious oppression, instead of opening the door to healthy women and healthy children in a country of free self-governing citizens. Let us deny corporate power and Republicans the ability to fill our prisons with women, with doctors and with people who were groomed for failure.

Stephanie Johnson