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BAAM seeks support for school music

BAAM (Bayfield Association for the Advancement of Music) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide funds for the advancement of music for Bayfield music students. We are run by a board of band parents, focusing on the improvement, advancement, and support of the excellent music programs in the Bayfield School District.

BAAM coordinates different fundraising efforts throughout the year including selling Bayfield t-shirts, hoodies, and blankets in the fall at football games; organizing the music students' Desert Sun Coffee fundraiser three times a year; and hosting the annual BAYBERRY Jam Music festival in June. All fundraising dollars go to help ensure that Bayfield continues to offer the best music programs in the Four Corners region.

BAAM organized one of the first non-school related concerts in the new Performing Art Center at Bayfield High School in February, hosting The Badly Bent Band from Durango. BAAM has purchased a new drum set for the high school using money raised at this concert, along with a generous donation from the Pine River Rotary Club, given as a thank you for helping them with highway clean-up. This year, we have started an instrument fund to help repair and purchase much-needed instruments in the district. We have also recently given out our first annual music scholarship this year to notable music student Cole Mystrom.

We are constantly looking for help in the form of monetary donations and helping hands. In the past, our main focus has been to support the high school, financially and logistically during the marching season, as well as other events throughout the year. We also support Bayfield elementary and middle school music programs. If you would like to support BAAM and Bayfield music programs, please contact us at baam.music.boosters@gmail.com, on Facebook at Bayfield Association for the Advancement of Music, or find us on the Bayfield School District website.

Bayfield Association for the Advancement of Music