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Bayfield Farmers Market appreciated

For me, a glad day arrives in June when the Bayfield Farmers Market opens at the park next to the Los Pinos River off Highway 160. A sad day arrives when the Market ends its season in October.

At the market, I make connections for farm-fresh eggs, purchase Colorado-grown peaches, corn, various greens, veggies, and condiments. I also find extremely appropriate gifts for family members and friends who live elsewhere.

Many thanks to the growers, sowers, and craftspeople who help make our community unique through their participation in the Farmer's Market.

It's good to get out on a Saturday morning and not be concerned about the politics of Washington, D.C., Denver, or Durango (or Bayfield, for that matter) and just be a neighborhood. Let's eat!

See you, hopefully, next summer!

David W. Brown