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Berman shouldn't be on LPEA board

No more member owned cooperative La Plata Electric Association money for Jeff Berman! 

In 2011 Jeff filed personal bankruptcy and in 2012 his house was foreclosed.   In 2007 Jeff promised farmers in Dolores, the governor and banks that his "green" sunflower crops would provide jobs and fuel, four years later the plant was shuttered. 

The business he formed, San Juan Bioenergy, was $4.3 million in debt.  It owed $3 million to Community Banks of Colorado, a $460,000  (in state money) loan from Region 9 Economic Development District and $780,000 loan from Community Economic Development.  Sixty-two investors were wiped out and Jeff, the activist-turned entrepreneur, was to blame.  The bait and switch from biodiesel to sunflower oil didn't work, the idea for more green innovations included solar or wind also failed. The locals in Dolores sent Berman packing because Berman was focusing too much on renewable energy and not keeping enough money on hand for the business of running a cooperative sunflower plant. 

Sound familiar? Jeff, the activist-turned-failed businessman, back to activist made over $21,000 last year from our cooperative.  Based on minutes of board meetings, Jeff has cost the members, you, $9,000 since the first of the year and Durango needs to send him packing, too. 

Vote for William A. Waters, a businessman, father, and fifth-generation resident who is open minded and cares deeply about the dysfunction Jeff has caused in the La Plata Electric boardroom! Ballots were mailed on May 1.  Vote for William A. Waters!  

Christi Zeller