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Billing practices ‘elder abuse’

In response to a letter on Feb. 1, headlined, “Shady billing practices at Centura-Mercy,” I, too, am highly suspicious of Centura’s billing practices.

I have Medicare B as well as a supplemental plan that, until last spring, had always covered my medical treatments. Before the procedure in question, I asked that the doctor’s office call to confirm that I was covered. They did and I was.

However, a few weeks following the procedure, the Centura bills began to arrive in the form of texts, emails and paper bills. Centura was demanding I pay an amount my supplemental plan assured me had already been paid. I spoke with two Centura employees. Neither had any idea how to proceed but assured me they would “look into it” and “get back to me.” Neither did.

Next, I sent a registered letter to Centura Headquarters pleading for someone – anyone – to contact me. Again, I was met with silence.

Predictably, Centura had no problem sending my bill to collections last month. And now, I must contend with a poor credit score, a first for me.

Trying to work with Centura has been time consuming, frustrating, stressful and ultimately fruitless. As a 78-year-old woman, I find it nothing short of elder abuse.

Virginia O'Neill