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Boebert, unqualified, should resign office

It is amazing and unfortunate that Rep. Lauren Boebert continues to reveal her immaturity and ignorance regarding the position of a United States representative, in which she serves, in addition to her complete ignorance about COVID-19 and all that entails.

Apparently she revels in the attention her conduct and ignorant comments attract, and for what purpose? It is certainly not beneficial for the people of the 3rd District in the great state of Colorado.

One thing for certain is that she is undeniably stupid and extremely gullible to the poor influences surrounding her. She is a complete embarrassment to this district, just as Majorie Taylor Greene is to her district in Georgia. Two peas in a pod. Very, very sad indeed.

Boebert should resign her position as a U.S. representative. She is unqualified by immaturity, complete willful ignorance of the duties and responsibilities of such a position and the unwillingness to improve through education, actions and comments. The evidence is revealed every day.

Mildred White