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Boulder falls onto La Posta Road causing damage

Snowmelt and rainfall likely caused the rock to come down
A boulder fell late Monday onto La Posta Road (County Road 213) causing damage to the asphalt. (Courtesy of La Plata County government)

A large boulder fell onto La Posta Road (County Road 213) about 11:30 p.m. Monday causing damage to the pavement.

La Plata Country Road and Bridge crews were able to move the boulder off the road using wheel loaders Tuesday morning. La Plata County spokesman Ted Holteen said the boulder fell at a time when there wasn’t heavy traffic on the road, and the road was not as a result of the boulder falling.

Road and bridge crews blocked off the boulder and redirected traffic around it while attempting to move it off the road late Monday and early Tuesday.

“Maybe a few vehicles had to wait for a minute or two while they worked around it,” Holteen said.

The boulder fell about a half-mile north of River Road and south of Purple Cliffs. The damage occurred in the southbound lane. The county has contracted with a demolition company that will likely blast the boulder.

Notice will be given before blasting, which will require a temporary road closure.

The county did not give a specific time when blasting will occur, and Holteen said it will likely depend on the demolition company’s schedule and times when La Posta Road can be closed.

La Plata County said in a news release Tuesday that melting snowpack and rainfall could cause mudslides and loosen other large objects and debris throughout the region, and that drivers should be aware of potential hazards this spring.

Holteen said melting snow, rainfall and erosion likely contributed to the boulder coming down.


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