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‘Broader narrative’ on clean energy

I share a letter writer’s concern that phasing out natural gas could undermine the reliability of our electric grid, but there are alternative power sources that can run 24-7 to supplement intermittent renewables.

Gov. Polis recently signed HB23-1247: Assess Advanced Energy Solutions in Rural Colorado. This new law directs the Colorado Energy Department to study the need for firm resources to maintain a clean and stable grid, and will consider a variety of energy technologies, including geothermal, advanced nuclear, long duration storage and clean hydrogen. HB23-1247 passed with huge bipartisan margins.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby screened a movie about nuclear power. Dr. William Nollet, a nuclear engineer who chairs the Physics & Engineering Department at Fort Lewis College, led an audience discussion afterward.

I will attend the Northwest Colorado Energy Summit in Craig to hear speakers representing industrial solar and wind, hard rock mining and battery storage, Idaho National Lab’s nuclear innovation program, and the TransWest Express transmission project that will bring Wyoming wind power to the desert Southwest.

Renewables vs. fossil energy is a simplified transition story that, too often, drowns out the broader narrative of innovation and collaboration. Clean energy can be produced in many ways and emissions can be reduced. We have a lot of smart, dedicated people bringing their best ideas to this problem. We will solve it together.

Kathy Fackler