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Brown urges Sen. Bennet to support harvest of dead trees

To U.S. Senator Michael Bennet:

There are places in my House District where over 90 percent of the trees on federal land are dead. This has created the potential for a fire crisis of the magnitude that we have never seen. If we have a fire under present conditions every tree will be destroyed.

If we act now to remove the dead trees, at least along visual corridors, the young trees that have survived will continue to live and a complete denuding of the landscape will be avoided. What is needed is a presidential executive order that will allow lumber companies to harvest the dead trees. We do not have time to waste.

We cannot wait to go through the years of federal bureaucratic red tape to get this done! We must take action now. You can call me at (970) 759-4157. 


J. Paul Brown

State Representative HD 59