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Business expertise needed at LPEA

I have been following the actions of the LPEA board. There seems to be a cliché that is not in the best interest of the association. Partisan politics do not belong in certain elections, such as city council or La Plata Electric. Party affiliation does not matter, nor does it have to be declared. However, too often, there are candidates with personal agendas and the noise surrounding these agendas does not represent the whole, and by default, divide communities. I don't bleed green or have a green agenda full of buzz words; but I do support Kohler McInnis, Karen Barger and Jim Wotkyns. 

I support them because they are the best candidates to represent the entire cooperative, regardless of where a person lives.

They are successful business owners with the expertise to rise above the chatter and lead and direct the CEO of La Plata Electric.  They have extensive board experience, serving on multiple local, state and national boards.

Vote for Jim Wotkyns, Kohler McInnis and Karen Barger because ethics do matter. 

Franklin W. Anderson