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‘Call any time’ for jury duty

I read the recent column by a staff writer with The Durango Herald regarding his experience with jury duty. I was on that same jury and share the same feelings.

I have been summoned for service several times, though have never actually been called up to the jury box until this time. I felt somewhat shocked when my name was called. I can be completely unbiased and hold no judgment toward any defendant, and am pleased to fulfill my civic duty to be one of 12 to hear testimony and deliberate.

In our system of justice, the accused is always presumed innocent and the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. Listening very carefully and watching the video presented, I was conflicted about how to proceed. Truthfully, not looking forward to a bitter debate with my fellow members.

If I were to hold onto an opinion based entirely of the facts presented, would I be able to withstand argument against what I believe to be true and just for the defense and prosecution?

It was with some relief we were released. At the same time, some disappointment to not be able to see the process through.

I am completely a willing participant and because I am retired, I would serve again. It was an interesting process.

My only wish is that it would be nice to have dedicated parking for jurors. La Plata County can call me again any time.

Linda Joyce Thayer