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CD-3 candidates ‘vied to out-crazy each other’

Thank you, for the detailed article about the debate at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post among the Republican candidates for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

The statements of the five attending candidates showed us how they vied to out-crazy each other in attempt to fill the clown shoes of Lauren Boebert. They referred to the Jan. 6 “peaceful protests,” which resulted in five deaths, 174 injured police and more than 700 guilty pleas.

They aspire to join the “totally corrupt” government. They revived the debunked lie that Donald Trump used to scare us that brigades Hezbollah and Hamas were sneaking into the country from Mexico. No doubt, the VFW audience had many former military members, the ones that Cadet Bone Spur called suckers and losers as he pondered why they would join the military. “What do they get out of it?” he said.

They castigated the opposition with the accusation that they don’t have much use for Christianity. Perhaps a little Bible lesson would help.

Free Bibles are available at many churches. The Gideons encourage you to take one from any motel room. Or you could spend $70 to help some huckster pay his legal bills over a sketchy deal with a porn star. However you get your sacred text, turn to Proverbs, Chapter 6, verses 16 through 35, which list things God hates. It reads like the 45th president’s resume or personal history.

The quotes in the article from the audience affirmed for us that the crazy train always has spare seats.

Rhys Schrock