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CD3 race: ‘Give Alex the mic!’

Innovative action beats a do-nothing loudmouth.

Alex Walker is not your average candidate who rambles on or brags about past campaigns.

Instead, you hear something innovative and passionate, actual three-point plans of action. You like it but can you vote for that . . . the young one, his science, his articulate quick intelligence with a bit of chainsaw thrown in? (Check out his TikTok videos.)

The average voter often looks for “safe” as in “Sol or Adam safe,” even though their answers ramble on and bore you. Ho-hum safe. You conclude Sol and Adam are nice. But do nice people who brag and ramble beat Lauren Boebert? I really doubt it. Sol is concerned about gun safety, a mom who worries for her kids as they enter school. Alex was actually one of those kids who did active-shooter drills. And Alex’s bonus: He is the best candidate to engage young voters who are learning that politics really matter today.

Trust me, I saw people respond with hope again. "Alex ideas" hope. People were attentive to Sol and Adam but everyone wanted to hear what Alex Walker’s next answer would be. Give Alex the mic! By the middle of the forum, Sol and Adam liked Alex's ideas so much they began using his “gray water systems” and "affordable rent stipends" in their speeches!

Time to get out those ballots and mark Alex for CD3. Embrace smart. Let Alex Walker take on that irritating Boebert loudmouth. He is way ahead of everybody else.

Barbara Day