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Challenge: How would like to live your life?

When we think about our lives and what the driving factors are behind how we live them, I think oftentimes there is a disconnect. It is almost like going through the motions and getting through the day is the basis for our daily routine.

What if we woke up one morning and decided to start living with intention? To start living with purpose? How could that change the quality of our life?

To live purposefully does not have to be this overbearing, soul-searching mission. It does not have to be associated with what we are doing for a living, however, I think we tend to associate our identities with what we do for work. When in all reality, we are so much more than that.

Many of us have heard of those who have come toward the end of their lives, look back and wish they had done some things differently. Wish that they had pursued passions, connected with those they loved, really enjoyed and pursued what brought them happiness.

Rather than waiting, what if we decided to start looking within and find those things that light us up? Figure out what our passions are, what are interests are, what we value and get curious about it?

How would it feel if the reason we got out of the bed in the morning was to pursue, to set intention around and direct our energy toward the things that bring us joy? The things that we are interested in? The things that make us feel good inside?

I would challenge you to think about how you would like to live your life. If you were fully in the moment, living it to the fullest, what would you be doing? If you were to sit down and write out your gifts, your talents, your passions and your interests, what would that list be?

If we applied those talents, those passions, those gifts, those values, to how we exist in the world, what would that feel like? What would happen if we honored our true expression in everything we do? Who knows? It might lead to a life of fulfillment, a life that feels purposeful.

Sometimes it is hard to see inside ourselves and appreciate or recognize the gifts we do have. In a sense, many of us battle with honoring the goodness in ourselves. If that is the case, maybe reach out to some of the people closest to you and ask. How do you see me? What do you see my gifts as being? All of us can use a mirror every once in a while, in order to recognize what we really have to offer.

I realize that there are realities and responsibilities for all of us that can hinder huge change all at once. However, it is possible to start small. To really think about what fills your cup and make subtle changes around how you are living, how you are treating others, how you are treating yourself, how you direct your thoughts and what drives you, can reap amazingly beneficial rewards.

It is ultimately up to us to determine where and how we are directing our energy. When we begin to set awareness and intention in everything we do, living in a purposeful way can be a very rewarding shift in how we live our lives.

Jennifer Roe is a master level Red Hat Qigong practitioner, an integrative nutritional health and wellness coach, a facilitator of women’s circles, programs and more. Her office is at Pura Vida in Durango. For more information, visit www. puravidahealthcare.com and/or www.thehealingroe.com.