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Citizens Voice Durango thanks supporters

Dear Citizens and Supporters,

Thank you! For helping to get the word out about our petition effort, for signing, for tabling, for walking neighborhoods and talking to residents and business owners, for exercising your voice and participating in real grassroots democracy in Durango.

Thanks to city staff – Dirk Nelson, Faye Harmer, Ben Florine, José Madrigal and others who helped us navigate the City Code of Ordinances. We’re grateful for The Durango Herald and Durango Telegraph coverage, too.

Much thanks also go to Local First and the Business Improvement District Board of Directors for sending letters to City Council encouraging meaningful public dialogue. Read these letters and more at citizensvoicedurango.org.


Greg Hoch, Robin Wiles, Ted Wright, Ellen Stein, Thomas Egolf, Joe Hanrahan, Sheryl Lock, Jenny Hill, Ken Francis, Holly Jobson, Mary Oswald, Charles Shaw, Lisa Shaw, Gary Schroeder, Sarah Shaw, Kent Ford, John Mahoney, Bill Carver, Peter Schertz, R. Michael Bell, Maggie Bowes, Lisa Marie Glass, Kendra Quan, Dallas Belden, Jim Shadell, Micki Rhodes, Linda Geer, Glenna Sexton, Karen Pontius – Petition Circulators.

See citizensvoicedurango.org/about-us/ for a full list of supporters.