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Club grateful for successful fundraiser

Rotary Club of Durango most sincerely thanks all the patrons of our 16th annual Fourth of July All-American Gourmet Breakfast, sponsors, donors and many volunteers for a successful fundraiser!

We could not hold this event without the support of the historic Strater Hotel banquet and kitchen staff, who store the food, prepare and bake biscuits, heat the sausage and then keep it all warm in a hot box we can take to Rotary Park.

The city of Durango provides us with incredible publicity through the Business Improvement District posters, website and ads. The city also provides us with barricades, EZUps, tables, chairs and a crew to set them up and take them down. We are honored to be part of the city’s Fourth of July all-day event.

Hydration Station has long been a sponsor by donating 50 gallons of water used in the preparation of the pancakes and in the drinking water cooler. Sonic Drive-In provides us with more than 100 pounds of ice for our real orange juice and ice water dispensers and to keep the cartons of eggs cold before they go on the grill.

Another essential sponsor is Durango Party Rental, which provides us with a generous discount on the tent, tables, chairs, cambros for coffee and chaffing dishes.

This year, our local coffee roasters and brewers continued their support of this event by generously providing us with pounds of locally roasted beans and gallons of freshly brewed coffee made with their gourmet beans. Thanks to Durango Coffee Co., Desert Sun Roasters and 81301 Coffee Roasters.

Every member of the Rotary Club participated in this event, but we still needed volunteers to help us serve the 900+ customers this year. We would especially like to thank volunteers from the Liberty School, La Plata Family Center Coalition, Durango Daybreak Rotary Club, along with family and friends of our club members.

See you next year on the Fourth of July at Rotary Park!