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Coram: Keeping our children safe at school

Senator Don Coram

There is much in this world that causes us to have concern for our loved ones; one fear that should not exist is sending them to school.

I am not going to tell you that the state government can quell all of your fears. I will not propose legislation that I do not believe will pass or have little, to no, effect. I will, however, start where I think the state government can begin and lead from there.

Making sure that teachers have the ability to reach authorities is crucial in securing our schools, and Senate Bill 158 provides the tools to do so. SB 158 is commonly referred to as my “school safety” bill because it strives to provide grants to schools that need communications technology that is crucial to communicating with law enforcement.

The school safety grants would help classrooms around the state be equipped with hardware and software to create seamless communications with first responders – a much needed update to school crisis management plans across the state.

The grant program would also provide funding for training and maintenance of the systems provided to schools. We need to make sure not only to provide the equipment, but the understanding of how to properly use the technology during a crisis.

Teachers will be instructed about how to use the technology to reach first responders and help to create the quick responses such crises may require. Making sure that the system is up to date and maintained will make sure that we are prepared for anything.

I put this bill forward before recent events in Florida and did so with the help from members of the Durango community. I wish we did not have to think of things like this, but I believe that any threat or harm to our children should be met by our first responders in a timely manner.

Making sure that our teachers can communicate with the best will help us provide quicker responses to a crisis.

Hopefully, this will also help us provide punishment to those who wish harm to our children and make their actions immediately regrettable.

This year’s legislative session is in full-swing, and I believe my prediction that it will be a good year is coming true. Even though there are hard times when legislation does not go our way, we often find a silver lining in the circumstances and push forward.

We have accomplished so much for our district already with rural broadband, water loans, judicial improvements and infrastructure.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Don Coram, R-Montrose, represents State Senate District 6. Contact Sen. Coram by phone at (303) 866-4884 or by email at don@doncoram.com. During the legislative session, Coram and Rep. McLachlan share this column on alternate weeks.

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