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Coram ‘will improve our lives’

Remember the $1,400 stimulus payment we received as part of the American Rescue Plan? I was happy to get it. For many it meant the difference between paying rent during the pandemic and facing eviction. Our representative, Lauren Boebert, voted against it.

What about HR-2471, the bill that provided money for Colorado’s rural community health centers, education, law enforcement and compensation to farmers whose livestock were killed by wolves? Boebert voted against it.

And the bill to support U.S. veterans dying from toxic exposure to burn pits? Boebert voted against it.

By contrast, as state senator, Don Coram sponsored legislation to fund law enforcement, improve our electric grid, support child care programs, improve access to health care, protect our groundwater, support firefighters, hire more teachers and prevent youth suicide.

While Boebert has used her office to thwart almost every bill that could help the people of Colorado, Coram has proven that he will work to pass legislation that will improve our lives.

Ballots will soon be mailed for the June 28 Republican primary. Vote to support our police, firefighters, teachers and veterans.

Vote for Don Coram.

Philip Riffe