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Council ‘desperately needing Wendt’

I truly believe that Durango City Council has desperately been needing someone like Harrison Wendt.

In a recent forum of City Council candidates, I heard several good ideas, but it was Harrison’s “big picture” analysis behind Durango’s problems that seems most likely to lead to solutions. For instance, he understands that supporting small businesses by working on critical transportation needs, without raising taxes, must be linked. Most of the other candidates discussed only single, isolated issues.

Young Harrison has great creative energy. He likes a collaborative team approach that’s always open to listening. I get the feeling that he studied the complexities of the various city issues, and is ready to proceed with mature and intelligent action.

When discussing the very difficult and complex issue of homeless individuals and families, his solutions will always include compassion and dignity. The best answers would bring help to treat substance abuse and provide for improved mental health. He took time to explain that dignity can energize and enable, that it lifts the fallen and restores the broken. It seems to me that the present City Council could use a good dose of that right now too.

During final statements, I noticed that Harrison was the only candidate to mention essential workers and made a promise to them. Aggressive action would begin immediately to create a robust plan to center the needs of firefighters, medical personnel, teachers, support professionals, retail, hospitality, food service and law enforcement.

So please mark your vote for Harrison Wendt!

Barbara Day