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Cut DOD for ‘$60 billion to Ukraine’

I know the billions already spent on aid for Ukraine is only 5% of the annual $700 billion to $800 billion funding the U.S. Department of Defense. With that amount, there could be a list of budget cuts in its own house to easily send $60 billion to Ukraine immediately.

The (Mike) Johnson, an unseasoned and spineless elected Speaker of the House in Congress, is refusing to spend $60 billion for the two-year war in Ukraine because The Donald is in charge of calling the shots. How is history going to judge a cult leader/dictator with recent convictions of sexual abuse and fraud, having such unprecedented control over representatives in Congress, the U.S. Senate and almost half the voting citizens in the U.S.?

Please, step up DOD. This department is a bigger force than an ex-president and can take care of Ukraine’s needs. The future of our planet will thank you for this.

Sally Florence