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Democracy needs facts, free speech

I was saddened as I read the recent letter from J. Paul Brown, who was a legislator at one point. Perhaps Mr. Brown doesn’t know the difference between citizens sharing their points of view and a Herald article.

The comments by Harrison Wendt were his views of Mr. Hill, and I do believe that in our country, all people have a right to free speech. The Herald did not endorse his comment but allowed to comments to be shared in a letter. Given Mr. Brown’s background, I would hope he still supports free speech.

Second, Mr. Brown needs to do some research on critical race theory. If he believes that it’s being taught in elementary through high schools, then he needs to provide facts for this, not disinformation, which is the current Republican way of dealing with issues. Critical race theory is taught at the graduate level and law schools, not elementary, middle or high schools.

While he’s at it, he might consider and be open to the content of critical race theory because it is research-based. Then and only then will he be capable of being critical because he would have factual knowledge and not more disinformation.

Republicans continue this use of disinformation to bring doubt upon the recent election even though the facts are clear. Democracy needs facts and free speech, not hyperbole Mr. Brown.

Jimmy Richardson